The Long Island Traditional Music Association

"giving you that old song and dance"


Every 2nd Friday from September - July
8pm - 11pm (instruction begins at 7:45) at
The Smithtown Historical Society Frank Brush Barn
1st Saturdays from October through May at the
Water Mill Community Center
Family Dances are held every other month at Westbury Friends.
English Country Dance

Family Dance





Frequently Asked Questions (and some answers)  
  • Do I need to know the dances ahead of time?  NO.  All dances are taught right there as we do them.
  • Do I need to have a partner?  NO.  Singles are welcome, and so are couples, families, and groups of friends.
  • Do I need dancing shoes?  NO.  Soft soled shoes are highly recommended because they will be easy on your feet and easy on our floors.
  • Are there lessons for beginners?  YES.  Arrive early and be ready to dance at 7:45 for a lesson.
  • Are refreshments available?  YES - because we bring them to share with each other.  Please consider bringing an item to share at our refreshment table.  There is also water to keep you hydrated and dancing
  • I'd like to talk to someone about other questions I have - who can I call?  Our dance volunteers.  Please leave a message if we don't pick up -- we are volunteers
  • I've never heard of contradancing before, is it done anywhere else?  YES.  Although LITMA has the only regular schedule of contradances on Long Island, if you get hooked, you can find dances almost anyplace else you go.  Check out Ted Crane's Dance Database for listings of dances throughout the country! 


Contact a dance volunteer:  Call the volunteer for the dance you will be attending. 
  • For Smithtown dances call Chart at (631) 369-7854
  • For Water Mill Dances call Karin Strong at 631 725- 3103
  • For Westbury Dances call Lauren at (631) 746-4270


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